Goodbye Brooks Summon 3’s, Hello Brooks Vapor 10’s!!!

Brooks - Summon 3

I read somewhere that running shoes are good for about 500 miles. I don’t think I’ve run that far in my trusty Brooks Summon 3’s, but I have been very silly and worn these for a year as day to day trainers as well as running shoes.

As a result, they are no longer the comfortable shoes they once where and so it’s is time for them to take early retirement.

These shoes have seen a lot over the last 12 months;

  • They stuck by me when I couldn’t run more than 5 minutes without stopping to catch my breath.
  • They ran a half marathon.
  • They  witnessed my torn calf muscle.
  • They help me come back from my torn calf muscle.
  • They weren’t afraid to get dirty once I realised I was impacting performance by dodging mud and tip toeing through  puddles.

And that’s just to name a few!

So, with them now retired to just everyday use trainers, there is nothing left to do except go out and buy some new running shoes and thanks to my awesome fiancée chipping in for my Birthday present, off I went to my favourite running shop, Tobutt Sports to get some.

I decided to stick with Brooks as these shoes were fantastic and I opted for the Vapor 10 shoes.

These are the shoes that will carry me to my goals in 2014! Cannot wait to get running in them!!!

Brooks - Vapor 10

This week’s running.

So the first week of my 10k plan is over. I’ve today completed workout 4 of 61! Seems quite daunting, but it’s another great motivational tool for me to see me ticking off each workout as I crush it!

Here is how I did it this week.

Wednesday – 3.28km Slow (0:21:57)
Friday – 4.87km Slow (0:32:20)
Saturday – 3.26km Slow (0:21:31)
Sunday – 6.53km Slow (0:41:26)

So roughly covered 11 miles this week. I’m happy with that. There were some really wet windy miles put in too. Really reminds you to make the most of the summer runs!!!

I was trying to map out some pretty flat routes but that didn’t seem to happen. I’ll continue to look at that next week. The real challenges next week will be;

- increasing to to around 14 miles for the week.
– introduction of some strides at the end of runs.
– but most importantly, I’m back at work next week and do my running in a morning. So it will be the return of 5am starts.

I’m sure its gonna take a few mornings to get into the routine, but once I’m in it, there is not stopping me!

Let’s see what happens…

First run of the training plan…

So today I started my training plan for the Manchester 10k. A nice, easy, 3.2km (slow pace). The plan I am following is the ‘Sub 60min 10k’ free plan by Jeff Gaudette on The plan is described as;

This 10k plan is designed to help you breakthrough the 60-minute barrier. To start, this plan assumes you can currently run 3.2 km -4.8 km without stopping and will slowly progress you to an average of 9.7 km -11.3 km over the course of 16 weeks.

This plan includes
1) strides and short fartlek runs at the start of the training, to slowly introduces you to faster paced runs that will help you build the speed and endurance necessary to run at your goal pace
2) Race specific workouts in the final few weeks to hone your pacing skills
3) Tempo runs and aerobic threshold intervals to specifically develop the strength you’ll need on race day (the tempo runs help lower your lactate threshold, the pace at which you begin to accumulate more lactic acid, the burning feeling in your muscles at the end of a race, than your body can process)
4) Fast finish long runs that teach your body how to run fast when tired.

All slow runs should be at a conversational pace, between 6:59/km – 7:08/km pace or slower.

I felt good, didnt stop, and was maybe a little quicker than the pace described but could still hold a conversation.

I just need to keep at it now, 4 times a week for 16 weeks. Easy.

And now it begins…

Having just got back from 3 amazing nights away in Disneyland Paris, I was pleasantly surprised when I stepped on the scales to see I hadn’t put on any extra weight! I suppose I did spend 4 days constantly walking around the amazing parks so this would kind of counter act all the burgers, pastries, chocolate and ice cream I ate.

Reality is that I probably lost some muscle and gained more fat, but hey ho, I knew this was coming.

With all this in mind I now look to Wednesday when I start my 16 week training plan to conquer 10k in under an hour.

Can’t wait to get started!

I’m definitely paying for Christmas now.

I went out for a kind of test run today. Just to see how much fitness I have lost whilst not running over Christmas and stuffing my face with pretty much everything chocolate covered! I did one of my usual runs which takes me round the Jumbles Country Park reservoir.

Its a great place to run and has some amazing views. Its fairly flat and today due to the recent rain its quite muddy.


It was a difficult 7km run/walk/out of breath/jog, which I completed in just over 50 minutes. Looking back to last June, I was completing this in 40 minutes.  The good news is, I remember it taking longer when I first started running and thinking to myself, this is never going to get easier. Well it did. And now I know it will again.

I also realised a few mistakes I made which I will rectify before setting out again;

  • Mistake 1 – I went out on an empty stomach.
  • Mistake 2 – I went out too fast! It’s been a good few months since I did some proper running, I’m just not that fit any more.
  • Mistake 3 – I didn’t set up a dedicated play list. I was missing that little boost you get when you here a cracking song!

All in all, it was great to be out running again. I’m paying for Christmas now, but it was worth it. I’m not as fit as I was, but that will come. And A sub 60min 10k seems some distance off, but I’ll get there.

Happy running!

This year’s running goals.

I would love to run a sub 60 min 10k and a sub 2hr half marathon. I think I have more chance of doing the 10k in under an hour than shaving 25 minutes of my half marathon time. So, with that in mind I’m going to do the Manchester 10k and the Robin Hood Half again.

The idea is to follow a 16 week training plan, then run the 10k. Take 3 weeks “off”  then get back on another 16 week plan ready for the half.

Throw in some 5k and 10k races at the end of the year along with a cheeky Santa dash and then look to a marathon next year.

Now I have a plan, I cannot wait to get started.