First 5k, a personal best and a chicken bhuna stitch!

So, I ran my first 5k today setting my PB at 0:27:55. First time I’ve run somewhere with a bloody big hill early in the race. Sapped all the energy from my legs leaving me with little in the tank for the rest of the race!

Another first today was having to run without earphones/music. Being a gadget man I did miss them. Apart from it feeling a bit strange running without any music, I also found it difficult to pace myself and know where I was in the race without the RunKeeper audio cues.

But, the biggest mistake I made was thinking “it’s only 5k” and then not preparing properly for it. The lesson I learned was that a Chicken Bhuna, rice, peshwary naan and popudums is not a great idea the night before and I felt like I was carrying it with me all the way. At the top of the first big hill, I got the worst bhuna stitch imaginable and couldn’t shake it! Complex carbs only next time!

All in all I’m happy that I managed it in under 30 minutes and I know that I need to focus on some hill sprints before the Bolton 10k!


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