This years We Love MCR 10k. Done!

Another race, another loss to my brother. Cuts deeper and deeper each time. Of course I always point out that i’m asthmatic and then he always points out he drinks and smokes so it probably balances out somewhere! And anyway, long distance is my game (which he bottled last year). Lets see what happens at the Robin Hood Half!!

Another great day starting out at the Etihad Stadium and finishing there too. I was slightly taken back by the sudden sunshine at the start line and instantly regretted my long sleeve thick top!! As well as the heat, I also suffered a strange stabbing pain in my right shoulder blade about 4k in which got more and more painful as the race went on and left me running with my arm by my side for most of the next 6k.

Moaning aside, I still managed a rather respectable sub 60 time of 0:59:59! I’m sure they will ask me to be the pace maker next year!! The medal and decent running shirt this year at the finish made it all worth while.

Not got any more 5k or 10k races lined up this year so will just have to ensure I well and truly beat my (younger might I add) brother over 13.1 miles in September. If you need me, i’ll be in the gym, strength training to gain an advantage!


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